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This is the schedule of my upcoming Tantra Workshops and it is updated frequently.
If you are inquiring about a workshop that isn't listed here please e-mail me.

Compassionate Communication

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Compassionate Communication

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Introduction To Compassionate Communication
-- 2 Classes per session

Master the basic skills to improve and enhance the quality of your communications and negotiations with anyone -- in both business and personal relationships. For these tools to have the desired effect, it is essential that all the parties to the conversation have a true desire to connect and create a win-win outcome.

We have all experienced communication challenges in our lives. Whether it's an issue of semantics, slang, projections, listening skills, reactivity, shut down... you get the idea. I have studied many and varied tools for effective communication and have synthesized these teachings in such a way as to offer you the best elements for greater success and depth in your communication efforts.

* Understand the dynamics that interfere with your effectiveness
* Compassion centered communication
* Optimal environment to exchange ideas
* Eradicate shame and blame when requesting behavior change
* Ensure that you will feel heard and understood
* Opening to empowered vulnerability- increase intimacy
* Languaging that enhances your message.
* Release the charge on past wounding
* Enroll others in a supportive exploration of discovery to get needs met
* Consciously create win-wins

Facilitated by: Shama, CHt, CDC, TDE.

Intro To Tantra

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dancing into eternity

Intro To


Experiential Workshop


Shama Helena Cht, CDC, TDE

Intro To Tantra

Come explore Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. Experience deeper levels of love, intimacy and sexual ecstasy than you ever have before using simple yet powerful techniques borrowed from the East.

You'll learn easy ways to intensify sexual pleasure, either alone or with a partner. Using Tantric techniques, you'll discover ways to experience prolonged sexual rapture and orgasm, methods for experiencing "spiritual sex" and energetic ways to bond with your partner in daily life, plus:

o Learn the 4 tools of Tantra to enhance every aspect of your life
o How to flex your sex muscles and special ways to breathe
o Sexual energy meditation and healing
o How to arouse your sexual fire and fine-tune your senses
o Heart Centered, Compassionate Communication
o Raise The Bar On Your Pleasure Quotient
o Increase Sensitivity and Sensual Activation For Greater Ecstasy
o Expand, Extend and Intensify Orgasmic Bliss
o Enhance and Deepen Intimacy For Successful Relationships

NO partner needed! No nudity or sexual touching takes place. Please note: There are some exercises which involve touching the arm of a practice partner and eye gazing.

Facilitated By:

Shama, CHT, CDC, TDE - Premier Los Angeles Tantric Educator & Life Love & Sex Coach for the last 15 years teaching workshops through the Learning Annex, and private coaching in life, love, sex, and relationships. She is currently developing media projects to bring this wisdom to a greater audience on CD'S, DVD'S, and television.

or call (818) 317-3447

Watch for these upcoming classes!


Empowerment in Relationships & Sex for Men  

What constitutes my power in relationship?
Learn the art of dating and seduction.
How To Manage Your Sexual Energy

Understand what women and what they want

Goddess Day Camp
  International Organization of women promoting greater empowerment, intimacy, networking, and personal/spiritual growth. (non-demoninational). Meets quarterly. Meet, share and support the women you choose to travel through life with.
Empowerment in Relationships & Sex for Women  

What constitutes my power in relationship?
How to Manage your Sexual Energy
Understand Men and What They Want

How To Ask For What You Want

Creating Successful Open Relationships

  How to successfully explore creating open relationships
Honor your current relationship and consciously, carefully and lovingly expand your loving connections outside of mongamy.
Enlightened Sexuality Training Level 1 - Feeling More!

  Sex is about feeling, less about doing. How to connect more deeply with feeling more, deeper, and more intensely
The Power of Now and Presence
Managing emotions constructively
Enlightened Sexuality Training Level 2 - The Art of Merging   Presence in connecting with a Partner
Developing the art of attunement
The art of magickal touch
Enlightened Sexuality Training Level 3 - Energy Activation   Orgasm is energy - graduate to a new realm of ecstasy
Your Orgasmic Potential -
Activate Your Orgasm - fire breath and streaming energy orgasms
The Chakras - let's take it to a new level
Enlightened Sexuality Training Level 4 - Opening Your Lover To Ecstasy   Sensual massage techniques to get your lover hot for you
Sex as play
Advanced energy techniques

Sexual Survivial Skills for Pregnancy


You can still have great sex while pregnant. Learn techniques and positions for safety and greater pleasure. Babies thrive on orgasms!



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