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If you are looking for ways to have a life worth living on every level,
then you have come to the right place!


To love well, begins with loving the self.

My gift to you for this Valentine's day...

Happy Valentine's Day

The Greatest Love of All

Oh most beautiful, wondrous child of light. You are My beloved, most exquisite expression of Nature dancing with Spirit creating this Divine melody that is you. No one can ever compare, just as each flower is delightfully unique and perfect as itself, no one can ever duplicate this being that is you. So splendorous and marvelous a creation you are, I am hopelessly in love with you.

I have loved you from the moment of your first existence, and am ever waiting for you to fall madly in love with me as well.

Until that day, I will court you ceaselessly. Each breeze is Me caressing you. Every bird that sings is Me serenading you. Every day I shower you with the spectacle of a crimson sunset, or the pink hue of the mountains at sunrise, I am calling you to me with each awe-inspiring moment as I watch for the slightest invitation into your heart, my most treasured abode. For here I sit silently, patiently, waiting for you to grant my deepest desire, and allow My love to embrace and envelop you, for I AM you.

Every breath is Me moving through you. Every thought is my inspiration. Each movement is My fire igniting you into action. We are as inseparable as the kite soaring in the sky. Where is the kite without the wind that supports its flight? I am the air lifting you to your heights. I am that wind propelling you to dance in the sky.

Oh beloved one, each step brings you nearer to Me, as I am your Destiny. All paths have the same fateful end, so I can be patient and wait, as I know that one day, we will be as one. So worry not which path you have chosen as they are all designed to lead back to Me, your Source, your first and only true love of this and every life.

If you desire the swiftest path, then take the one that honors Love as it bypasses the detours and folly of the mind, taking you to Me straight as an arrow to its target. I am that Love. I am your target, calling you to me with each breath. Find me behind that breath, as I am the invisible bellows pumping Life through your lungs and surging through every cell of your body.

And what a body! Not even the most brilliant scientist could design such a magnificently Divine expression as this body! Each cell alive with a force compelled to follow its inner path without knowing its vital role in the functioning of this Universe that is your body. How can any cell know the importance of its destiny? Knowing only the path given it by its Creator, it is blind to the significance in the intricate pattern of Life comprising your body. Each cell in your amazing body is invisibly guided by a Divine Intelligence, leading them like a conductor of a grand symphony, creating a sound so rich and melodious and sweet, and utterly impossible to produce individually.

Each and every pulse of your heart propels thousands of processes into action, unknowingly, unwittingly, effortlessly, all harmonizing in a hundred different ways, allowing you to live yet another moment in this Temple of My creation. What a body is this! At the center of each cell lies a whole universe unto itself, a "big bang" happening each moment creating life thousands of times a day all without any thought or effort from you! What a body is this!

So in love am I with this beautiful design, this abode I have built for my Self, that I could not bear to live anywhere else but inside it with you.

How can I be anything but hopelessly in love with you? No amount of time can dull this passionate desire to be as one. I am ever waiting for a glimpse of you calling to Me. I am poised and ready to respond as a devoted pet looks keenly to its master for the slightest sign of its welcome. I am YOUR devoted and most beloved loyal servant, enslaved by your love, waiting for any invitation to dance and play and live with you.

In you, I find the fulfillment of my heart's desire. I am yours, and you are mine, and so it shall be forever, my love.

~Song of the Soul

  There was a time in when felt helpless and hopless about many aspects of her life, but, somehow she knew there was more than she had been conditioned to expect. As her curiosity and passion for her dreams for a more joyful satisfying life attracted more teachers and experiences revealing possibilities that reflected her dreams far beyond her own imaginings, she also found greater compassion, self-love and personal empowerment along the way,. She discovered that learning how to best embrace the journey towards those dreams is the key. The possibiliites are endless and it is never finished -- only another rung and degree of understanding and awareness on the spiral of learning about life and living.  

will help you to look at the big picture, as well as focusing on the issues that are now clamoring for your attention, to support you in creating the life and experiences in love and relating that will take you further and deeper into the joy of living more fully:

Pysically... mentally, emotionally... spiritually... sexually

What Do You Want?
Life is all about Relationships
To create that dream of a joyfilled, happy life is a possibility. It is all in how you look at it and what you do with it from the inside out. We have learned many things about life thus far -- from within and without. Some of them may no longer serve you in your current experience. When it is time to expand your awareness, you become restless and uncomfortable with what is and desire change. All of this is a normal part of the process.

What is the change that you desire?

~ Happiness
~ Success
~ Love/Compassion
~ Connection
~ Awareness
~ Knowledge
~ Personal Empowerment
~ Self Esteem/Confidence
~ Passion
~ Benevolence
~ Receptivity /vulnerability
~ Relating
~ Life, Love & Sex Skills
~ Wisdom and & Knowledge

You may be ready to take any one of these (or many) to the next level -- at the best pace for you. When you are ready to look in the mirror and take your life in your own hands,
then it is time for us to talk.

From training in Tantra, to Western Psychology, Hypnosis to Shamanism, Kama Sutra, body and energy work and more...
will provide the tools and guidance to help you find your way to whatever you dream of creating!

And there is always room for improvement

As your Life, Love and Sex coach, Shama will support you in exploring:

Your relationship with your self:
* Who are you and why are you here?
* What do you want to change and call into your life?
* The art of Self Loving
* What works and does notwork in your life,
* How to create a more balanced
and centered life
* Uncover old patterns that no longer serve and create new ones
* Create powerful intentions for change and how to better align with them

* How to manage your feelings, emotions,
energy, and reactions more effectively.

Your relationships with others:
* Better communication skills.
* Authenticity
* Replacing outmoded defense mechanisms
* Social skills
* Intimacy and sexual skills
* Boundaries
* Sensitivity, vulnerablility and awareness
* Dealing with challenges

Understanding the role and nature of love and relationship.
Gender differences

Your relationships with
Community/Nation/The Planet
* Do you want to be here?
* What is the quality of your connection with
your experience here?
* How you view yourself as a citizen of this
* How can you be the change you seek?

Our intention is to create greater alignment with what you want and what your are living to be that change!


I am , your Life and Relationship Counselor, and Intimacy Coach, here to guide you into the realm of the Pleasure Paradigm, the pathway to a more joy filled life of personal empowerment, conscious living and loving, deeper intimacy, open heart-to-heart relating, and sacred sexuality.. Take home the tools to empower and ease your journey that you can apply to life, love and sex.

Learn to unleash the personal power that lies within you,
Reclaim more of your true essence,
Transcend limitations,
Empower yourself and your dreams,
Enhance your consciousness and skill in dealing with life and others,
Consciously create more inner harmony and peace,
Improve relationship skills,
Expand your sexual skills, intensity, connection, intimacy and responsivity
and take your life to the next level, from where ever you are on the journey.

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